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What we are and what we came for

The time is now

We work with a wide concept of entrepreneurship. To us, it’s a path for new possibilities, it’s a way to apply knowledge, to make ideas come into reality and to take projects out of the drawer. It’s not just creating new companies. It’s about starting something new e generating a positive impact to the world.

BioStartup Lab exists to stimulate the creative process and to support those who want to accelerate the transformation of their ideas or to apply their knowledges into solutions for challenges in the life sciences fields: human health, agribusiness/animal health, environment and digital health.

We make content available, we make events and we have a pre-acceleration program that offers support to new entrepreneurs during the phases of ideation, development, business modeling with a focused methodology, workshops and mentorships.

#4 elements

Our formula:



The first step for those who want to leave their comfort zone is to have courage and opportunity to explore the unknown. In order to incentive, we transformed part of our expertise into open content. And it’s a lot of stuff: videos, e-books, infographics and texts that deal with issues that need to be understood by those who want to start something new within the fields of life sciences.




It just take an idea, a project or a research in the life sciences sector to be able to join our online community. There, you will be able to create a profile, introduce and develop your idea, meet other entrepreneurs and form a team.

In order to make our community larger, we make open and travelling activities: are events and meetups to spread entrepreneurial attitudes in universities, research centers, hospitals, companies and other alternative places.



In each round, we select about 20 teams that will, for 12 weeks, live in a coworking space and participate in an immersion program guided by specific methodology and tools to support the journey of life science entrepreneurship.

Teams from anywhere in the world can apply.

The format combines training, modeling and competition. The teams receive hands on support by experts. They will be overseen by a mentor and will interact with large companies, potential investors and partners.

It is an agile model with targeted approach to test and validate solutions, studying marketing models, find market / users and develop new skills, including fundraising and business management.




We believe in the impact of a new generation of entrepreneurs with solutions and ideas that have greater involvement in the market and better execution. Strategies built by each team during acceleration can result in partnerships for co-development, technology transfer or the establishment of new companies – startups and spinoffs.

Our expectation is that this new generation can foster the life sciences sector and make it more vibrant.





Why in Minas Gerais?

We believe that Minas Gerais offers a specially friendly environment for life sciences innovation and entrepreneurship.

We rank as the second Brazilian states in concentration of life sciences companies and in the last ten years, we’ve almost doubled the number of supporting institutions (there are 85).

In the academic sphere is where we stand out most: we have the largest number of federal universities and three of the six best in Brazil, we have a high concentration of postgraduate programs (over 150) and professors, holding mater degrees or PhDs (over 3000).

Additionally, Minas Gerais stands out in the national entrepreneurship scenario, having a series of accelerators and business incubators and an active startup community, the San Pedro Valley.

Who does?

We have the backing and enthusiasm of Biominas Brazil and Sebrae Minas. The union and the commitment of our founders are undoubtedly our most valuable attributes and make possible our purposes.

They are reference at what they do: while Biominas Brazil is an avant-garde institution in promoting business in the life sciences with recognized experience and know-how, Sebrae Minas is the main reference in fostering entrepreneurship and promoting the competitiveness of new companies.

Our team

Eduardo Emrich Eduardo Emrich

Eduardo Emrich

President & CEO since 2003. Has over 25 years of experience in identifying and analyzing opportunities as well as in structuring and managing businesses and projects aimed at promoting the Life Sciences sector.
Cristiane Toledo Cristiane Toledo

Cristiane Toledo

Technical Analyst. Biologist, Msc in Genetics at UFMG, with experience in research and community reach. Worked in the fields of synthetic biology, embryology, genetics and immunology, and founded a biotech startup.
Gustavo Furegato Gustavo Furegato

Gustavo Furegato

Accelerating Agent. Industrial Engineer, passionate by innovation and technology. Have already played the role of being a entrepreneur, founding a startup, also mentored in programs such as Startup Weekend, Impulso incubator, Lemonade and Techmall accelerator, always focusing in management, business modelling, communication and sales.
Jéssica Mara Jéssica Mara

Jéssica Mara

Community Leader. Public Relations specialized in communication & digital marketing with experiences in events organizations and entrepreneurship-fostering programs.
Laura Lunardi Laura Lunardi

Laura Lunardi

Technical Coach. Has experience in mapping, identifying and analyzing technologies, products and companies in Brazil and abroad, as well as expertise in regulatory affairs and intellectual property.
Liliane Carvalho Liliane Carvalho

Liliane Carvalho

Entrepreneurship Coordinator. Professional of the entrepreneurship area, with 10 years of experience in the management of social projects and innovation.
Sabrina Feliciano Sabrina Feliciano

Sabrina Feliciano

Technical Analyst. Biologist and PhD in Microbiology. She has worked as a professor and researcher in institutes and universities, with experience in the development and management of technology-based startups.
Sarah Costa Sarah Costa

Sarah Costa

Technical Coach. Works with strategic consulting, conducting mapping and identification of technologies and analysis of technical and commercial viability of products. Also assists startups through supporting business and partnership development.
Sergio Gonçalves Sergio Gonçalves

Sergio Gonçalves

Publicist focused on creating pieces and campaigns acting as designer and social media. He has experience in graphic design, illustration and photography.
Thiago Veloso Thiago Veloso

Thiago Veloso

Accelerating Agent. Validation and Business Modeling specialist, have been part of Startup Farm, Startup Chile, MadWorks and IdeaAdvance (USA). Was one of the organizers of the first ever Startup Weekend BH and Minas Startup Week.

Our coworking space

Innovation lab, meeting ground, inspiration space. Call it whatever you want. Our coworking space is the dynamic center of the whole program and a second home for the selected teams during the pre-acceleration program.